Leverage Expand Access

Leverage Your R&D Budget

  • Members enjoy significant returns on investment (ROI) in new technologies of common interests.
  • Lower risk of investment with shared pool of research funds.
  • Investing in common technology yields more capital for core R&D expenditures where exclusive ownership of IP is critical.
  • Additional NSF funding programs exclusively to I/UCRC’s.

Expand Your R&D Efforts

  • Royalty-Free licenses for technology developed at all I/UCRC ROSE-HUB Sites.
  • Access to research at UNC Charlotte site as well as other ROSE-HUB sites.
  • Strategic Networking and Cooperation with other partners.

Expand Your Industry Growth

  • Provides technology capabilities difficult to develop internally.
  • Cope with growing intricacy and inter-relatedness of new technologies outside your core competence.
  • Contribute to a consortium to go after bold initiatives.

Strategic Cooperation With Other Industries

  • Access to collection of industries specializing in key components or market segments.
  • Bundling of related technologies such as power, sensors.
  • Accelerates commercialization.

Access To Experienced Talent Pool

  • Access to all levels of students,including PhD graduates, to hire who are trained and already exposed to your organization, needs and culture.